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Suggestion Box Feedback

We’re always interested in receiving feedback from our patrons. If you have something you’d like to share about your library experience, whether it’s constructive criticism, praise for something that made you happy, or anything in between, we invite you to let us hear about it by utilizing the Suggestion Box posted in the library entryway.  All suggestions are read by the Library Director, and select suggestions are posted on this page accompanied by responses from library staff members. Posted suggestions are kept anonymous.



I cannot get my son a new library card because only one parent can be listed on the account.  My son lives with both myself and his father and we should be able to access his account.  Extremely frustrating and inconvenient!

The library’s automation system, which is shared by our partner libraries, only provides for a single “Responsible Party.”  Our library seeks to remedy any inconveniences by adding notes to accounts listing who has permission (from the Responsible Party).  For example a spouse may pick up a reserved item on behalf of their spouse, provided they have been approved by the spouse.  This may also translate to viewing details of spouse’s accounts, again, provided the Responsible Party authorized the privilege.

Libraries respect account holders’ privacy and therefore exercises considerable safeguards.  Unfortunately, this may affect families, especially where families merge and separate.


Please look under the chairs of #1 and #9.  I have been bitten or stung while sitting there several time.  You may have ants or spiders.

I regret that you had been bitten by insects while using library computers.  Following a cursory inspection, we sprayed household insecticide as an expedient remedy.  The Library’s exterminator has been made aware of this.  So far, the library has not received any additional complaints.

Thank you for alerting us!


Cullen Dansby was so very helpful with me and others needing his assistance.  He is a great asset to Benbrook Library and Benbrook, Texas. Kathy at the front desk said “we are like family” and she made a believer out of me with her pleasant smile.  I really like this library and the staff.

Thank you for your kind thoughts!  We really enjoy working here and are pleased that it shows!  Benbrook is a great community and we are all happy to be a part of it!


Was wondering about the book “The Two Family House” by Linda Cohen Longman.  A possibility for this library?

Thank you for your suggestion.   This looks promising and I will pass it on to our Adult Services Librarian for further consideration. 


Coming into the public library, certain newspapers are not available to read because one individual hoards the Star Telegram by his side of the computer until he is ready to read it.

I can understand the frustration.  Admittedly, we do not monitor this activity much and will try to be more attentive.    Please alert staff when this, or something similar happens and we will try to remedy it right away.
Thank you for alerting me!


…because of the Incredible customer service me and my kiddos receive every time we come here!  You are all patient kind and beyond helpful!  Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts!  We are all happy to work here and I hope it is clearly evident in the way we conduct our business.


So happy that we moved to Benbrook!  We love this library!  All the children’s activities and children’s area is amazing!  You all are doing an amazing job!

See above!  (Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts!  We are all happy to work here and I hope it is clearly evident in the way we conduct our business.)


Your Librarian (named) is absolutely rude.  This wouldn’t be my first encounter with her.  She always makes things as difficult as possible for the smallest things.

 1st I have my & my husband’s library scan card on my key chain.  We were both in (the) building at the time when I went into checkout videos and books.  I handed her the scan card check out my stuff. She said she couldn’t issue out on my husband’s card unless he was present!!  Anyone else would have done it.  So if the person has to be present at the time of that check out please follow through with it, because sometime I check out up to ten videos and several books.

 2nd After already having a punchout with her, she ID’d me on $3 from my credit card for printouts.  My ID was in husband’s wallet, due to other trips.  So I didn’t have it!  So apparently I couldn’t get my printouts. (Yes my credit card said “see ID”, but it’s her ATTITUDE towards ME!!  And it’s not like I was purchasing a million dollar.  I did tell her in Spanish she was rude and didn’t rub me right.

I apologize for your having a bad experience at the library.  I was able to investigate this and addressed the staff involved.  We make every effort to have a librarian on premises every hour that we are open and one of their roles is to be accessible to our patrons if trouble arises.  I wish that we were able to intervene during this transaction to either advocate on behalf your behalf or explain ourselves and policies better.  I would be happy to meet with you to explore this issue further and seek our mutual satisfaction.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Library Director


Libraries were once a place for peace and quiet.  The Librarians nor parents make any attempt to respect this quiet space.  In addition, the 3D printers now installed in the main area next to the reading/sitting area are extremely loud.  Can these be moved to a separate room to lessen the noise?

Thank you for sharing your concerns.  We are aware of the competing expectations of public libraries as we do our best to serve our community.  The 3D printers and other equipment have been instrumental in increasing the library’s usage, which is evident in our statistical indicators.   We are happy to be able to introduce emerging technologies and place them in the hands of our patrons.  Our small space makes these efforts more challenging.  We are exploring the potential of renovating one of our restrooms into an enclosed space for that equipment, in the hopes of rectifying the noise and smell issues associated with the MakerSpace.  Until then, we have implemented a “quiet time” 8:00 to 10:00 AM Mondays through Thursdays.  We hope this helps and that visitors to the library recognize our effort and afford us a little patience.


When someone is working on the 3D printer or the laser engraver, especially wood, the smell and smoke is so bad, I get a headache and a sick feeling.  I usually just leave, but if there was some kind of vent/fan to suck the fumes away I could enjoy the library longer.  I have respiratory issues and repeated exposure to smoke and fumes is not good for an older person.  Please improve the air quality.  Thank you.

 Thank you for your concern.  We have had a few people express their concern and we certainly understand.  We are trying to create an enclosed space for that equipment (see comment above).  We would like to have you back enjoying your library.  In the meantime, we should be able to offer you a quiet space.  I apologize for your negative experience and hope you continue visiting us.

-Library Director


1. No changing table in the bathroom. 2. We borrowed Strawberry Shortcake Fun Under the Sun and it skipped so bad we missed half the movie. 3. We borrowed Black Cauldron and wouldn’t get it to play at all.

1. Thank you for your suggestion. We did it!  Changing tables are located in the men’s and women’s restrooms in the north end of the building, and now we installed one in the women’s restroom on the south end of the building.

2 & 3      I apologize for your dissatisfaction.  Our DVDs and Blu-rays are very popular and get a lot of use.  We try to make a cursory inspection of them when checking them in, but obviously some are missed or they do not appear to be defective.  We have a commercial grade disk cleaning machine on-site.  If you ever have trouble, we can clean the disks for you while you wait.  If you decide not to have them corrected, please place a note in the case to alert us.


Coming in from outside the smell of burning was very overpowering.  A vent above the station to pull the fumes and smoke out of the building would help all library patrons and staff.

 I understand and agree with you.  We are trying to remedy the situation and hope that you bear with us while we do so.  Please see the responses to similar comments above.  Thank you for contacting me!


The only tables and chairs to eat at on the patio are tall chairs.  Some regular size chairs and tables would be nice for the elderly, shorter people, and those who do not like to have to climb to enjoy a snack.  Also, if the furniture were painted instead of stained, the wood would hold up better and could be cleaned.

 How could we have overlooked the obvious that you pointed out?!  We are looking into either adding a table for the regular height chairs, or complete dining set.  One reason we opted for teak was that it assured us of holding up well to the weather, with the literature stating they would form a ‘silver patina’ without any need for staining.  The brutal Texas sun proved otherwise!  Our first attempt to stain them left a rough surface as the dry wood absorbed the stain.  The wood was refinished and a new coat of stain and they are much better.  Thank you for pointing this out!

I think it is inappropriate to carry on a long conversation on a cell phone in the library.  Perhaps when a person receives a call he/she can respond “I am in the library.  Please wait until I step outside,” or “May I call you back later?”

 I understand and agree.  Despite signage and candidly approaching callers, we continue to experience this.  We also recognize that some individuals need to settle issues over the phone while sitting in front of the computer.  We offer study rooms and laptops to help with this, but it is often too late.  Common courtesy is difficult to enforce, as people have divergent views on what is courtesy.  We will attempt improved signage and our approach; however, the problem will likely persist.  This may be compounded by individuals witnessing library staff conducting business openly on the phone.  I am sure we could do better.  Thank you for bringing this up.


I recently moved and tried to update my information here, since this is the most convenient location to use.  Since my address is a Fort Worth address and no longer a Benbrook address, my account here is frozen.  I was trying to pick up an audiobook I had on hold, but am now unable to until I visit another Fort Worth branch in person, get a new card, then come back here.  By then my hold will no longer be here.  I am displeased, as I rely on audiobooks to help me stay alert while I drive to Tulsa, OK, which is over 635 miles per week.  The extra trip to another branch is in an area I go to is kind of a big deal right now.  If I had a week of continued service here, I could still get it done, but wouldn’t be mad.  As it is now, I’ll be making the drive this week with no books.

I am sorry to hear of your trouble with modifying your account.  I need to explain a couple of points and hope to offer a suggestion that may be helpful to you.

The Benbrook library operates independently of Fort Worth libraries.  We partner with them and others in the area as a way of extending services that benefit us all.  As part of this partnership, we all agree that we do not modify or issue cards for each other’s accounts.

With that being said, I regret that we did not help you check out your items with the understanding that you would need to visit a Fort Worth library for any new card based on your new address.  We could now allow you to check out the item you have on hold currently and give you a week or two using our card to give you some leeway in obtaining your new card from Fort Worth.   Would that help you?

I will discuss this with our staff to ensure we are all on the same page.

On another note, we and Fort Worth offer downloadable eBooks and MP3 audiobooks that you could access from anywhere with internet access and a valid library card through OverDrive.  This may help you when you travel. However, OverDrive does not allow Fort Worth and Benbrook libraries to partner.  Therefore, you would need to access Fort Worth library’s eBooks through their portal when you get their card.  We both likely have much of the same content, but we each operate independently.

We invite you to visit us with your device and we can help you get started downloading audiobooks.

Again, I apologize for your frustration and hope that you continue to enjoy our libraries.


2 things I think need to change in this library
Snack machine needs to be placed elsewhere and add another table in place of the machine (you don’t have enough tables). Machine is a distracting when I am at the table studying.

Block the kid’s area!! With walls and a door!! (kinda like the teens area)

Thank you for your suggestions.  The location of the snack machine is in the placed designated by the building’s design.  The space allowed for another machine or a snack table and we opted for a combined snack and beverage vending machine and add the table.  Many people use that table to study, which is fine, but the purpose was for a snack table.  There really isn’t a suitable place for the vending machine that is still accessible to the public use service would be a great disservice, especially over the summer when the library is frequented by school aged children.

The children’s area can be hectic at times.  We are glad to see that it is well used.  We can explore placing a wall there to help reduce the noise.  The flow of air from the existing air conditioning is a factor, as well as the security of having the space open.  We see many parents who study in the reference area while their children enjoy their space.  This affords these parents with the ability to continue their education while effectively monitoring their children.  Any remedy, such as placing a wall between the areas, would take some time to occur.  The library does offer study rooms that offer seclusion and a measure of quiet.

The added noise you described is a consequence of the library being a busy place.  The usage has been steadily growing over the years and is outpacing the capacity of the building and strains the initial design.  One reason we expanded hours was to diffuse the usage over a longer time.


I love our library!  I love the staff.  The hours are A+ and the services are amazing, especially for such a small facility.  And community activities are diverse and inclusive.

Thank you!  We all enjoy working here and I hope it shows!


I came in twice today to use the engraving machine for Father’s Day and there were people doing large jobs.  Suggestion:  Take appointments and have time limits.

As the popularity of the MakerSpace increase, the policy for use of the equipment evolves.  We prefer to encourage usage and therefore place minimal obstacles to people.  By having the equipment located at the Information Desk, we can assure that a staff member is available to monitor its use and interact with individuals.  We do recognize the frustrations people may feel when the equipment is unavailable.  We have set a time limit of one hour, if someone is waiting.

We did not want to establish appointments because people often fail to keep their appointment and the equipment becomes unavailable until such time that we could determine the appointment was abandoned.  We generally do not have problems with the equipment’s’ availability, with the exception of holidays.

We often interact with user of the MakerSpace equipment and many folks are predisposed to helping others by sharing information and interrupting big jobs in favor of smaller jobs.  We also advise people to call ahead when they plan to come out and we will tell them what the current wait time is and even ‘pencil in’ an appointment.

Please understand we only have the one laser engraver and we serve a community of over 22,000.  Before leaving after seeing the large projects, please visit with one of our librarians to see how we could serve you.

Thank you!


Everyday there is no problems ever since we got here.  We appreciate everything.  Thank you.

That is great to hear!   I hope you continue to enjoy the library for a long time!


I get to volunteer at a place with happy people that do not let me forget they appreciate me!
 How about a movie series that takes specific movement or era (French New Wave, or German Expressionistic Silent Film, for instance)?
 A local professor, student, etc. could talk about each film before viewing, noting artistic tendencies that separate it from other films of the time , and the politics of the environment in which the film was made.
 Just an idea!

We enjoy our volunteers and could not operate the same way without your help!

I like the ideas and appreciate your initiative.  This sounds like we could help form a film club of regulars and supply them with content.

Thank you!


I tried to register to get a library card.  I live in Tarrant County.  The library assistant was nice enough to help me.  After research I found out that I needed to go to a Fort Worth library.  I was upset because the clerk didn’t tell me what she was doing when looking up my tax information as to what she was doing with my information, I wouldn’t be so upset.

I am sorry to hear about your frustration.  I agree that we could have done a better job of informing you of the process.  Libraries are funded through taxes and we use the tax rolls as the authority in determining where a patron lives when qualifying them for library accounts.  I will ensure we are all on the same page in communicating the processes with applicants.

Thank you for commenting.


I feel like we should have more STEM clubs geared toward girls.  Women need to be more active in the science, technology, engineering, and math.

Thank you for sharing your suggestion.  I agree that we could do better outreach for young females when developing STEM projects.  This is still fairly new and the library’s approach so far has been to encourage participation in general.   Participation should increase before we try to split the small group into smaller groups, and we will continue working toward that goal.


Every time my family comes to the library the staff is always so helpful with my 100 questions!  Thanks for being here! 

It is a true joy for us to see people take an interest in the library and it is even better when the library positively impacts their lives.  Please keep the questions coming!


Dear Library Staff, There is a book I read and loved, it has sequels and books by the same author that I would like to read.  The title of the book I read was In Grandma’s Attic.  These are the books I want you to buy for the library:
 The Grandma’s Attic Cookbook, The Grandma’s Attic Storybook, The Orphan’s Journey – Looking for Home, The Orphan’s Journey – Whistle Stop West
Thank you and have a wonderful day.

A few titles from this series are available at our partner libraries.  When we looked for these titles we found they are not offered by our suppliers.  They are available through Amazon, but as used paperbacks, which we avoid purchasing due to their inability to hold up from normal library usage.  We can borrow these and more from other libraries on your behalf, so please contact us to process your request.  Thank you for your suggestions!

SAD – REALLY REALLY REALLY wish the 3D printer was in a secluded space.  Ruins the library experience – sitting and reading.  Which is a shame.  Benbrook Library is a gem of the community.

I understand the frustration and regret to hear that it adversely impacts your experience when visiting us.  The 3D printer is part of our MakerSpace, which is phenomenon that is making its way into school, public, and university libraries all over the country.  When we first considered it, we were quite excited.  I felt we needed to diversify our scope in order to attract more community members to our library.  This was one of several measures that we undertook and we have realized significant increases in our visitation statistics.  The people and have seen a great amount of enthusiasm from those using the equipment.  We do realize that the location is not optimal due to its proximity to the reading area.  We tried to separate user groups (readers, makers, program attendees, etc.) by increasing our operating hours, which enables these groups to ‘spread out’ a bit.   The early morning hours (8-10am) are typically the quietest.  This is perhaps a case where our best effort and best intention falls short of satisfying some of our users.  We are seeking and applying remedies that would address the issues you mentioned.   In the meantime, please do not hesitate to express your desire for quiet space to library staff at the Information Desk, and we will do our best to accommodate you as best we can.  You may also speak with the director at any time for greater clarification.

 Thank you for your comment!


I can go online to hold books from other libraries and conveniently pick them up here.  This has made it so much easier to help my son achieve his AR goals.  I love Benbrook.  THANK YOU!

Benbrook Public Library operates independently, but partners with area libraries to bring this higher level of service that would be impossible otherwise.  We are so pleased to hear that you value this service and that it helped to have an impact in your family.  Thank you for commenting!


On Saturday, October 10, the Circulation Desk was left unattended while 2 staff members were gossiping in the back workroom.  Not good customer service. 

I agree.  We have met and discussed this and expect that it would not happen again.  Thank you for calling attention to this.


I love the library – its many books, early hours, friendly staff.

Thank you!  We enjoy the library too and I hope it shows!


Your reference librarian is rude!

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.  We try to select employees with a temperament that exhibits a high level of customer service attributes and feel that we have been successful.  I have spoken with our Reference staff, but would like to know more about that encounter in order to take appropriate measures.  Thank you for sharing.


We need healthier options in the vending machine.  Ex.  Energy bars, fig bar, dried fruit, nuts, juice.

We have included some healthier choice items, and we can expand this selection.  It is difficult to manage perishables during slow periods, so we can add more during the busy summer season.   Thank you for the suggestions!


I love the library and this branch is wonderful!  Awesome extras.

Thank you!  We operate independently, but partner with area libraries to increase our levels of service.


I loved the Valentines Book Date thing; so cute!

We are fortunate in having creative staff who enjoy their jobs.  I am glad it shows!  Thank you  for your comment.


There are no fans in the teen room and it’s hot.

We fixed it!  There is now a 72” 9-bladed fan hanging up in there, just in time for the summer.  Thank you for the suggestion!


I am human

Great – we like humans and they are welcomed here!


I would like a library card case for my cards.  It would be nice and would keep my card clean.  Thank you!

Did it – Thank you for the suggestion!


The Benbrook Library is wonderful!  Small town feel with big city service.  You are all terrific!!

We enjoy everything the big city offers too, and we are especially happy to retreat back to our small town on the outskirts away from the big city.  This is reflected in the way we do business.  We have the advantage of being able to partner with area libraries, including Fort Worth’s public library, so we can vastly increase the amount of resources available to our users.  At the same time, we can relate to our small clientele in a much more personable manner.  It is truly the best of both worlds.

Thank you for your kind words!


Susan Polgar (not sure of her last name) was a World Champion Chess player.  She has a 10 DVD course on Amazon where she takes you from a zero rating to 1200 rating.  I think this would be a good collection of DVDs to have here.

The suggested DVDs on chess look to be of good quality, and we agree that chess instruction materials are worth including in our collection. However, the price is quite substantial, so rather than purchase the entire set, we will look into purchasing a few of the DVDs included in the set, and if demand dictates, will later consider expanding our holdings. Also, there are currently books and DVDs on chess available and requestable within our consortium, if you’d like other materials on the subject.


Please leave the synopsis of the movie on the back of the DVD covers.

We understand that having synopses and other information included on DVD cases is preferable, but unfortunately, in some cases, there are complications involved with including such information. Some of our DVDs are purchased in box sets or multi-format packaging. These items have to be re-cased, and it is difficult to retain their back covers, as to retain them requires either finding images that aren’t readily available online or painstakingly editing incorrect covers to a degree that places impractical demands on staff time. That said, what we can do moving forward is, in cases in which acceptable, usable back cover art cannot be found, include a typed synopsis pulled from the item’s record in our catalog. While this isn’t as desirable as having the actual back cover that includes the images, cast information, and special feature details, it will at least provide our patrons with basic information about items, which will hopefully improve the browsing/selecting experience.


I’d like to see some Intelligent Design DVDs here like “Darwin’s Dilemma” and “Expelled-No Intelligence Allowed.”  I’d also like to see some creation DVDs from groups like Answers in Genes.  Also, I’d like to see Sawoma University’s 25 Most Censored News Books (See Back).  Sawoma University puts out a book every year with the 25 unreported stories of that year in a book form.  Example, “25 Most Censored Stories of 2014,” “25 Most uncensored News stories of 2007,” and so on.  I started getting these back in the 90’s when it was on an employee’s best book list at a book store.  They comb the AP wire and collect stories that should have been reported, but weren’t because of pressure from government or big business or etc.

Thank you for sharing this information.  After reviewing our DVD collection, we determined these topics are in fact underrepresented among our current holdings. A set of DVDs on Intelligent Design will be added to the collection in April 2015.  The suggested titles on news censorship appear to be worthwhile considerations for our collection. A new edition in the series covering 2014-2015 is scheduled to be published in October 2015, and the library will purchase a copy when it becomes available.  


Please update computer #7.  It says it needs an Adobe update.  It will not let me watch videos on the news websites.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  While we regularly update the computers, some updates are overlooked or fail for other reasons.  We are looking into an automated solution to these types of updates.  (Windows updates are automated.)  Some updates, such as Flash and Shockwave, may be browser-specific.  It may be helpful to switch to a different browser when having any issues visiting websites.  And, of course, please let staff know if you ever have any trouble with our computers.


Your library rocks!

Thank you!  Our patrons rock too!


My kids enjoy the library and kid activities.  I love that they enjoy coming and picking out new books!

That is so good to hear!  The library is a great place to acclimate children into developing their personal interests and responsibilities.  They are invited to have their own library card (associated with a parent’s account, of course!) and exercise their initiative in selecting books and other materials, observing the return dates, caring for borrowed materials, and repeating the cycle!  They can even be involved in the transaction at the Circulation Desk.  This is a significant part of their development in addition to frequent structured programs.

Thank you for your input!


Everyone here is so helpful and friendly.  The atmosphere here is like home, comfortable and cozy.  Love it!

Thank you!  We enjoy everything about our library!


I would like to see a fax machine be available

We would like to offer fax services and the multi-function copier is capable of sending and receiving faxes.  There are privacy concerns, so we would like to have the feature password-enabled so customers would not be able to pick up a fax that is not addressed to them.  We will work with the equipment vendor to set up safeguards that will protect users’ privacy.

 UPDATE:  We now offer fax service!  There is no charge to fax to local and toll-free numbers.  We can only fax outbound, so that negates any privacy issues of the library holding individuals’ confidential information.


I would like to see wireless printing for laptops and other personal electronic devices

The vendors who serve libraries typically require the user to install software on their device, and it should integrate into the library’s print release station.  We have been monitoring vendor products and should soon be able to incorporate this service.  For now, we rely on USB memory drives to save and transport images and documents to the multi-function copier, which has a USB port.  The printer can print PDF and JPEG files directly from the USB drives.  Preferably, patrons would use their own, but the library may lend one for in-house use only.

UPDATE: We hired an IT Specialist who was able to review the issue and offer a solution.  Check out our website under Wireless Printing, and you can print from home and send to the library.  Great if your printer at home is not working, or you need to pick up a print while you are out.


The personnel at the Reference Desk are very helpful and courteous in helping locate books to check out.  Phyllis, Miranda, Cullen, and Nancy are especially nice.  

Thank you!  I will make sure they know.


You need more DVDs and more new books.  You have too many meeting rooms and not enough space for more books and DVDs. Build a larger library.  Buy more DVDs.  Too much wasted space for meeting rooms and chairs for reading.  Move all the meetings to the Senior Center.

The library’s key mission is to support scholarship and self-guided exploration.  DVDs are a major component of lendable resources, but a balance must be struck between all of the available resources and circulation patterns.  Current demand is far too high for the library to consider reducing conferencing and meeting space and study areas.  We have been buying more DVDs and recently began adding Blu-Rays to the collection.  A bigger library would be great, but it must wait until enough money is saved and sufficient funding becomes available to pay the higher operational costs.


A checkout station in the Children’s Area

The library was modeled on the prevailing capabilities of the automation system.  As we are preparing for a major upgrade, we have the ability to plan for the added features that would become available.  I am sure we could offer remote check-out in the Children’s area, but would need to ensure borrowed items are properly accredited to user accounts before items leave the facility.